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At Strawman Family Dentistry, we offer night guards, athletic guards, and clear retainers to promote long-term healthy smiles. While these oral appliances are all worn over the teeth, they each serve a different purpose. So, which one is right for you?

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Night Guards: An Overview

Grinding and clenching your teeth in your sleep, a condition known as bruxism, can increase the risk of a host of oral health conditions, including cracked or fractured teeth, uneven tooth wear, tooth pain and sensitivity, morning headaches, and face, neck, and jaw pain. Wearing a protective oral appliance called a nightguard will absorb the grinding and clenching forces, preventing damage to your teeth and jaws.

Athletic Guards: An Overview

If you're engaged in high-impact sports, consider an athletic guard a necessary component of your sports gear. These protective mouthguards help prevent sports-related dental injuries due to accidental blows to the face. Athletic guards reduce the risk of broken teeth and injury to the soft tissues, including the gums, tongue, and lips. Studies show that athletes are 60 times more likely to sustain dental injuries when not wearing protective guards.

Clear Retainers: An Overview

Clear retainers are oral appliances worn over your teeth to keep them in position following orthodontic treatment. Once you've achieved the smile of your dreams, it takes some time for the surrounding bone and gum to adjust to the new position. You'll need to wear your retainers according to your customized treatment plan, usually in the evenings and when you sleep. Otherwise, your teeth will gradually shift back to their original position.

Can You Wear Night Guards, Athletic Guards, and Clear Retainers Interchangeably?

Night guards, athletic guards, and retainers serve different purposes and should never be worn interchangeably.

  • Night guards cover only the teeth with their chewing surfaces. They are made of a strong material that withstands the grinding and clenching forces, preventing damage to your teeth and jaws.
  • Athletic guards cover the teeth surfaces and extend all the way under the gums to provide maximum protection. They are made from a thick and soft material that absorbs high-intensity shocks, protecting your teeth and soft tissues and preventing damage from impact.
  • Clear retainers are thin and don't offer protection from grinding, clenching, or accidental blows to the face. They are designed to hold the teeth in place and prevent them from shifting back to their original positions after orthodontic treatment, allowing you to maintain your beautifully straight smile.
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