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Despite what you may have heard, root canal therapy relieves pain rather than causing it. Thanks to advances in endodontic technology and techniques, the procedure is now relatively painless. Your trusted team at Strawman Family Dentistry never spares any effort to ensure your time with us is comfortable and free of stress!

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Root Canal Therapy: An Overview

Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment required to treat a tooth when its inner pulp is inflamed or infected because of deep decay, fractures, trauma, or repeated dental treatments. The procedure involves removing the infected pulp tissues to save the affected tooth rather than having it extracted and replaced. 

What Are Signs That You Need Root Canal Therapy?

According to the American Association of Endodontists, symptoms of tooth pulp damage include sharp pain when chewing, a fractured tooth, tooth discoloration, lingering sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, or a pimple-like bump on the gums. If you experience any of these symptoms, make sure to contact us for an appointment to determine whether you require a root canal treatment. 

Is There Any Alternative to Root Canal Therapy?

Unlike the rest of the body, infected tooth pulp cannot heal on its own. A root canal treatment is the only viable option to save the tooth and maintain its function. If not treated, tooth pulp damage can cause oral health complications, including swelling and pain, or even an abscess, which can potentially lead to bone loss around the roots. Moreover, the infection can get into the bloodstream, potentially causing serious and sometimes life-threatening health concerns.

Root canal therapy saves the infected tooth and restores your oral health. Your only other option is to have the tooth extracted and replaced with a dental bridge, partial denture, or dental implant.

What Is the Root Canal Therapy Procedure?

We'll start with an x-ray of the diseased tooth to prepare for your procedure. After numbing the area with a local anesthetic, we will create a tiny opening in the tooth's crown to access and remove the dental pulp. Next, we'll clean and sterilize the pulp chamber and root system and fill it with a material called gutta-percha. The last step is sealing the space to prevent reinfection.

After a root canal treatment, the tooth becomes brittle and prone to fracture, so it needs a dental crown or restoration to protect it and restore its strength and natural appearance. The crown placement procedure involves shaping the tooth to make space for the restoration then taking an impression of the area to send to a dental laboratory for fabrication. We'll place a temporary crown as your permanent one is being prepared.

When your crown is ready, we'll ensure it provides a perfect fit and color match, and then we'll cement it in place. With proper care, your root canal-treated tooth can last a lifetime!

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If you have a painful or damaged tooth, contact your trusted team at Strawman Family Dentistry. We will determine the best treatment option to relieve your discomfort and save the affected tooth. If you require root canal therapy, you can always count on us for outstanding, gentle care.

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